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The business of the Company was established in Montreal in 1866 by Robert Reford.  Continuity in family ownership and management has been maintained since that time. 

In the initial period, the Company participated in ownership and operation of sailing vessels such as the Thermopylae as well as general commodity trading business.  Since these early years, however, there has been no participation in ownership or management of vessels.  In the period of 1911-1945 the Company was associated with Cunard and later White Star Line, as General Agents for Canada. 

Since 1945, the Company has acted exclusively as General Steamship Agents.  The Company is the oldest Canadian steamship agency organization.  It is a wholly owned Canadian company. 

Operations Dept. & Ship Agency Representations
The Company’s head office is in Montreal.  It also maintains and operates offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Maritimes and acts as general and/or port agent for over 1,000 vessel calls per annum. 

Robert Reford is an ISO approved Company and has been certified to ISO 9002 (1994) standards by Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. 

Full agency services are offered in the following areas:

  • Canadian East Coast (including Newfoundland)
  • St. Lawrence Gulf & River
  • St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Canadian & US ports on the Great Lakes
  • Churchill, Manitoba
  • British Columbia

In addition to the above, services can be offered at all other Canadian ports, and at ports world wide through the Multiport Ship Agencies Network.

A wide variety of owners, operators, and charterers, covering diverse activities, are represented.

At all other ports in Canada and US ports on the Great Lakes, the Company is either represented by sub-agents or our own personnel travel, as required.